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Water Slides And Games

100ft Eternal Odyssey Obstacle Course
13ft Fireblast Tsunami Waterslide (single Lane)
15ft Blue Crush Waterslide (single Lane)
15ft Congo Rainforest Waterslide (single Lane)
15ft Tropical Fiesta Breeze Waterslide (single Lane)
15ft Tropical Inferno Waterslide (single Lane) Brand New Arrival 2023!!
15x15 Character Themed Bounce House (basketball Hoop Inside)
15x15 Character Themed Bounce House
15x15 Pink And Purple Castle
15x15 Pink Character Themed Bouncer Basketball Hoop Inside
17ft Marble Mania Dual Slide (dry)
17ft Marble Mania Dual Slide (wet With Pool)
18ft Emerald Crush Tsunami Dry Slide (single Lane)
18ft Tropical Blue Rush Water Slide (single Lane)
18ft Tropical Lava Rush Dry Slide (single Lane)
18ft Tropical Lava Rush Water Slide (single Lane)
18ft Tsunami Blue Crush Water Slide Combo (single Lane W Slip N Slide)
18ft Tsunami Boulder Crush Dry Slide (single Lane)
18ft Tsunami Boulder Crush Water Slide (single Lane)
18ft Tsunami Emerald Crush Water Slide (single Lane)
20ft Arctic Lava Tropical Twist Water Slide (double Lane)
20ft Tropical Inferno Water Slide (single Lane) Brand New Arrival 2023!!
22ft Arctic Lava Crush Tsunami Water Slide (single Lane)
22ft Dino Blast Water Slide (single Lane)
22ft Jurassic Rush Slip N Slide Combo (single Lane)
22ft Rock Climb With Dual Slides
22ft Tropical Fireblast Tsunami Combo (double Lane)
22ft Tropical Fireblast Tsunami Water Slide (double Lane)
22ft Tropical Fireblast Tsunami Water Slide (single Lane)
22ft Tropical Lava Waves Tsunami Slide Combo (single Lane W Slip N Slide
22ft Tropical Lava Waves Tsunami Water Slide (single Lane)
24ft Blue Crush Slip N Slide (single Lane)
24ft Mt Kilauea Rush Combo (double Lane)
24ft Mt Kilauea Rush Water Slide (double Lane)
30ft Grand Slam Palace Obstacle Course (dry)
32ft Mt Kilauea Rush Slip N Slide (double Lane)
32ft Tropical Fireblast Slip N Slide (double Lane)
32ft Tropical Lava Waves Slip N Slide (single Lane)
3500 Watt Generator
36ft Lava Tubes Slip N Slide (dual Lane)
38ft Eternal Odyssey Obstacle Course
38ft Marble Mania Obstacle Course
43ft Mardi Gras Monster Water Slide (single Lane)
4n1 Character Themed Choo Choo Combo (dry)
4n1 Character Themed Choo Choo Combo (wet W Pool)
4n1 Character Themed Mini Combo (dry)
4n1 Emerald Castle Slide Combo (dry)
4n1 Ez Monsoon Madness Combo (dry)
4n1 Ez Orange Crush Combo Double Lane (dry) Brand New Arrival For 2023!!
4n1 Ez Princess Dream Combo (dry)
4n1 Grand Slam Palace Combo (dry)
4n1 Orange Crush Castle Combo (dry) Brand New Arrival For 2023!
4n1 Pacific Emerald Castle Combo (dry)
4n1 Peles Fire Castle Combo (dry)
4n1 Princess Castle Combo (dry)
4n1 Tropical Cyclone Combo (dry)
4n1 Tropical Inferno Combo (dry) Brand New Arrival 2023!!
5000 Watt Generator
50ft 7 Element Obstacle Course
5n1 Character Themed Combo Primary Color (dry)
5n1 Emerald Castle Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Ez Monsoon Madness Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Ez Orange Crush Combo Double Lane (wet W Pool) Brand New Arrival For 2023!!
5n1 Ez Princess Dream Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Grand Slam Palace Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Indoor Outdoor Combo (dry)
5n1 Orange Crush Castle Combo (wet W Pool) Brand New Arrival For 2023!
5n1 Pacific Emerald Castle Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Peles Fire Castle Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Princess Castle Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Princess Castle Combo 2 (wet W Pool)
5n1 Tropical Cyclone Combo (wet W Pool)
5n1 Tropical Inferno Combo (wet W Pool) Brand New Arrival 2023!!
63ft Themed Grand Slam Palace Combo (dry)
63ft Themed Grand Slam Palace Combo (wet W Pool)
6500 Watt Generator
7000 Watt Honda Generator (quiet)
70ft Marble Mania Obstacle Course (wet With Pool)
70ft Marble Mania Obstacle Course
8000 Watt Generator
80ft Colossal Obstacle Course
8x8 Popup Tent
A Frame Tent 10x10
A Frame Tent 10x20
A Frame Tent 12x20
A Frame Tent 12x30
A Frame Tent 12x40
A Frame Tent 12x50
A Frame Tent 12x60
A Frame Tent 20x20
A Frame Tent 20x30
A Frame Tent 20x40
A Frame Tent 20x50
A Frame Tent 20x60
A Frame Tent 20x70
A Frame Tent 20x80
A Frame Tent 20x90
A Frame Tent 30x30
A Frame Tent 30x40
A Frame Tent 30x50
A Frame Tent 30x60
A Frame Tent 40x100 Also 2 20x100s
A Frame Tent 40x40 Also 2 20x40s
A Frame Tent 40x50 Also 2 20x50s
A Frame Tent 40x60 Also 2 20x60s
A Frame Tent 40x70 Also 2 20x70s
A Frame Tent 40x80 Also 2 20x80s
A Frame Tent 40x90 Also 2 20x90s
Abby Cadabby 15x15 Pink
Abby Cadabby 15x15
Alice In Wonderland 15x15 Pink
Alice In Wonderland 15x15
Angry Birds 15x15
Angry Birds 5n1 Combo
Arch Inflatable
Avengers Movie 15x15
Avengers Movie 5n1 Combo
Babies 1st Birthday 15x15
Baby First Birthday 5n1 Combo
Baby Shower 15x15 Pink
Baby Shower 15x15
Babys 1st Birthday 15x15 Pink
Backyardigans 15x15 Pink
Backyardigans 15x15
Backyardigans 5n1 Combo
Bahama Breeze Super Combo (2 Dry Slides)
Bahama Breeze Super Combo (2 Slides And 2 Pools)
Ball Pit Inflatable
Bar Portable
Barbie 15x15 Pink
Barbie 15x15
Barney 15x15 Pink
Barney 15x15
Baseball Batting Game
Basketball Game (digital Interactive)
Basketball Game
Batman Cartoon 15x15
Batman Cartoon 5n1 Combo
Batman Movie 15x15
Battle Axes Game (dual)
Battle Axes Game (single)
Ben 10 15x15
Big Hero 6 15x15
Black Mesh Side Shades For Tents (6h X 20 W)
Blue Crush Deluxe Obstacle Course (dry)
Blue Crush Obstacle Course (double 80 Long) (dry)
Blue Crush Obstacle Course (single 40 Long) (dry)
Blue Crush Slide Obstacle Course (double 80 Long) (dry)
Blue Lagoon Tropical Dual Slide (dry)
Blue Lagoon Tropical Obstacle Course (124 Ft Long)
Bouncy Boxing Ring Inflatable
Bratz 15x15 Pink
Bratz 15x15
Brave 15x15
Brave Movie 15x15 Pink
Bubble Blower
Bubble Guppies 15x15 Pink
Bubble Guppies 15x15
Bubble Guppies 5n1 Combo
Bumble Bee 15x15 Pink
Bungee Run Jousting Combo
Bungee Trampoline
Butterflies And Flowers 15x15 Pink
Butterflies And Flowers 15x15
Buzz Lightyear 15x15
Buzz Lightyear 5n1 Combo
Camp Rock 5n1 Combo
Camp Rock 15x15 Pink
Camp Rock 15x15
Candy Land 15x15 Pink
Candy Land 15x15
Care Bears 15x15 Pink
Care Bears 15x15
Carnival Game 4 Activities
Carousel Bounce House (16x16)
Cars 15x15
Cars 1 5n1 Combo
Cars 2 5n1 Combo
Cars 2 15x15
Cash Cube Inflatable
Celebrate 15x15 Pink
Celebrate 15x15
Chafing Dish Set
Chafing Wire Rack With 2 Sterno Warmers
Chair Beige Metal Folding
Chair Black Metal Folding
Chair Charcoal Plastic Aluminum Framing
Chair Chiavari Bamboo
Chair Chiavari Black
Chair Chiavari Gold
Chair Chiavari Silver
Chair Chiavari White
Chair Kids
Chairs Setup And Breakdown Fee Per Chair
Chairs White Plastic With Aluminum Framing
Chavo 15x15
Chavo 5n1 Combo
Cheetah Girls 15x15 Pink
Cheetah Girls 15x15
Chocolate Fountain Jumbo
Chocolate Fountain Large
Chocolate Fountain Medium
Christmas 15x15
Circus Carnival 15x15 Pink
Circus Carnival 15x15
Cooler 160 Quart
Corn Hole Game
Cotton Candy, Popcorn And Slush (full Service Sugar Shack Package)
Cotton Candy, Shave Ice, Popcorn And Slush (full Service Sugar Shack Package)
Cotton Candy, Shave Ice And Popcorn (full Service Sugar Shack Package)
Cotton Candy And Popcorn (full Service Sugar Shack Package)
Cotton Candy And Popcorn Machine Package
Cotton Candy And Shave Ice (full Service Sugar Shack Package)
Cotton Candy And Shave Ice Machine Package
Cotton Candy Machine
Craps Game
Cup Cakes 15x15 Pink
Cup Cakes 15x15
Curious George 15x15
Dance Floor Per Sq Foot
Dinosaurs 15x15
Disney Characters 15x15 Pink
Disney Characters 15x15
Disney Characters 5n1 Combo
Disney Princess 15x15 Pink
Disney Princess 15x15
Dispicable Me 15x15
Doc Mcstuffins 15x15 Pink
Doc Mcstuffins 15x15
Dora And Diego 15x15 Pink
Dora And Diego 15x15
Dora And Diego 5n1 Combo
Dora The Explorer 15x15 Pink
Dora The Explorer 15x15
Double Barrel Granita Margarita Machine
Double Barrel Slushy Machine
Dr. Seuss 15x15 Pink
Dr. Seuss 15x15
Dr. Seuss 5n1 Combo
Dunk Tank
Easter 15x15 Pink
Easter 15x15
Elmo 15x15 Pink
Elmo 15x15
Elmo 5n1 Combo
Event Staffing
Ez Beats Drum Battle Game (digital Interactive)
Finding Dory 15x15 Pink
Finding Dory 15x15
Finding Nemo 5n1 Combo
Finding Nemo 15x15 Pink
Finding Nemo 15x15
Fire Station 5n1 Combo
Firestation 15x15
Fog Machine
Football Toss Challenge
Football Toss Game (digital Interactive)
Frozen 15x15
Frozen 15x15 Pink
Frozen 5n1 Character Combo
Go Diego Go 15x15 Pink
Go Diego Go 15x15
Go Diego Go 5n1 Combo
Halloween 15x15
Halloween 5n1 Combo
Handy Manny 15x15
Handy Manny 5n1 Combo
Hannah Montana 15x15 Pink
Hannah Montana 15x15
Happy Birthday 15x15 Pink
Happy Birthday 15x15
Happy Birthday 5n1 Combo
Happy Birthday Clown 15x15 Pink
Happy Birthday Clown 15x15
Happy Birthday Clown 5n1 Combo
Harry Potter 15x15 Pink
Harry Potter 15x15
Harry Potter 5n1 Combo
Hello Kitty 15x15 Pink
Hello Kitty 15x15
High School Musical 15x15
High School Musical 1 15x15 Pink
High School Musical 2 15x15 Pink
High School Musical 2 15x15
High School Musical 3 15x15 Pink
High School Musical 3 15x15
High Striker
Hot Dog Roller Cooker Large
Hot Dog Steamer
Hot Well For Chili And Cheese
Hot Wheels 15x15
Hot Wheels 5n1 Combo
Hulk 5n1 Combo
Hulk 15x15
I Carley 15x15 Pink
I Carley 15x15
Ice Cream, Popcorn And Cotton Candy
Incredibles 15x15
Incredibles 5n1 Combo
Inflatable Movie Screen Package
Iron Man 15x15
Iron Man 5n1 Combo
Island Luau 15x15 Pink
Island Luau 15x15
Island Luau 5n1 Combo
Its A Girl Thing 15x15 Pink
Its A Girl Thing 15x15
Jacobs Ladder
Jake And Neverland Pirates 15x15 Pink
Jake And The Never Land Pirates 15x15
Jockey Box
Jonas Brothers 15x15 Pink
Jonas Brothers 15x15
Jonas Brothers 5n1 Combo
Juice Cooler 5 Gallons
Jungle 15x15 Pink
Jungle 15x15
Jurassic Park 5n1 Combo
Jurrasic Park 15x15
Justin Bieber 15x15 Pink
Justin Bieber 15x15
Justin Bieber 5n1 Combo
Kings Inflatable Chair
Kung Fu Panda 15x15
Lady Bugs And Flowers 15x15
Ladybugs And Flowers 15x15 Pink
Lego Movie 15x15
Lilo And Stitch 15x15 Pink
Lilo And Stitch 15x15
Lilo And Stitch 5n1 Combo
Linen For 6ft Plastic Resin Table White
Linen For 8 Ft Plastic Resin Table White
Linen For High Top Plastic Resin Table White
Linen For Round 60 Plastic Resin Table White
Little Mermaid 15x15 Pink
Little Mermaid 15x15
Looney Tunes Tweety 15x15 Pink
Looney Tunes Tweety 15x15
Madagascar 15x15 Pink
Madagascar 15x15
Madagascar 5n1 Combo
Mechanical Alligator Ride
Mechanical Arm Chair Sports Ride
Mechanical Beer Bottle Ride
Mechanical Beer Can Ride
Mechanical Broom Stick Ride
Mechanical Bull Ride
Mechanical Bulldog Ride
Mechanical Chicken Wing Ride
Mechanical Corn Ride
Mechanical Cow Ride Kids
Mechanical Dolphin Ride
Mechanical Donkey Ride
Mechanical Football Helmet Ride
Mechanical Football Ride
Mechanical Great White Shark Ride
Mechanical Grizzly Bear Ride
Mechanical Hog Ride
Mechanical Horse Ride
Mechanical Human Roulette Wheel Ride
Mechanical Killer Whale Ride
Mechanical Piglet Ride Kids
Mechanical Pumpkin Ride
Mechanical Reindeer Ride
Mechanical Road Bike Ride
Mechanical Sheep Ride Kids
Mechanical Skate Board Ride
Mechanical Sneaker Ride
Mechanical Snow Board Ride
Mechanical Soccer Ride
Mechanical Spider Ride
Mechanical Super Bike Ride
Mechanical Surf Ride
Mechanical Volcano Zone
Mechanical Zombie Bull Ride
Merry Christmas 5n1 Combo
Merry Christmas 15x15 Pink
Mickey Park 5n1 Combo
Mickey Park 15x15 Pink
Mickey Park 15x15
Microphone Stand
Mine Craft 15x15
Mini Indoor Outdoor (11x11x10)
Minnie Mouse 15x15 Pink
Minnie Mouse 15x15
Monster High 15x15 Pink
Monster High 15x15
Monster Inc. 15x15 Pink
Monster Truck 15x15
Monster Trucks 5n1 Combo
Monster University 15x15 Pink
Monsters Inc. 15x15
Monsters University 15x15
Monsters Vs Aliens 5n1 Combo
Monsters Vs. Aliens 15x15
My Little Pony 15x15 Pink
My Little Pony 15x15
Nacho Warmer Cabinet
Nascar 5n1 Combo
Nascar 15x15
Ni Hao Kai Lan 5n1 Combo
Ni Hao Kai Lan 15x15 Pink
Ni Hao Kai Lan 15x15
Nile River Run Obstacle Course Slide (dry) Brand New Arrival For 2023!!
Nile River Run Obstacle Course Slide (wet) Brand New Arrival For 2023!!
Party Grill Propane Gas
Patriotic 5n1 Combo
Patriotic 15x15
Phineas And Ferb 5n1 Combo
Phineas And Ferb 15x15 Pink
Phineas And Ferb 15x15
Pirates Of The Carribean 5n1 Combo
Pirates Of The Carribean 15x15
Planes 15x15
Playland Combo (dry)
Plinko Drop Zone Game
Pocoyo 15x15 Pink
Pocoyo 15x15
Pokemon 15x15 Pink
Pokemon 15x15
Popcorn, Slush, Cotton Candy And Ice Cream
Popcorn And Ice Cream
Popcorn Machine
Portable Pizza Oven Propane Gas
Portable Projection Screen
Portable Speaker System 400 Watts
Portable Speaker System 680 Watts Bluetooth
Power Rangers 5n1 Combo
Power Rangers 15x15
Princess And The Frog 15x15 Pink
Princess Inflatable Chair
Prize Wheel
Raffle Drum Brass
Ratatouille 5n1 Combo
Ratatouille 15x15 Pink
Ratatouille 15x15
Robocar 5n1 Combo
Robocar 15x15
Rock Climbing Wall Inflatable
Scooby Doo 15x15 Pink
Scooby Doo 15x15
Seaworld 5n1 Combo
Seaworld 15x15 Pink
Seaworld 15x15
Sesame Street 15x15 Pink
Sesame Street 15x15
Sharks 5n1 Combo
Sharks 15x15 Pink
Sharks 15x15
Shave Ice And Popcorn Machine Package
Shave Ice And Popcorn
Shave Ice And Slush
Shave Ice Machine Cube (w O Ice Hopper)
Shave Ice Machine Cube (with Ice Hopper)
Shoot And Score Connect 4
Shooting Gallery Inflatable (digital Interactive)
Shopkins 15x15 Pink
Shopkins 15x15
Shopkins 5n1 Combo
Shrek 5n1 Combo
Shrek 15x15 Pink
Shrek 15x15
Single Barrel Granita Margarita Machine
Single Barrel Slush Machine
Skee Ball (digital Interactive)
Skee Ball Dual Lane
Skylanders 15x15
Slush, Ice Cream And Cotton Candy
Slush, Ice Cream And Popcorn
Slush, Shave Ice And Popcorn
Slush And Cotton Candy (full Service Sugar Shack Package)
Slush And Ice Cream
Smurfs 5n1 Combo
Smurfs 15x15 Pink
Smurfs 15x15
Snoopy 5n1 Combo
Snoopy 15x15
Soccer Game (digital Interactive)
Speed Racer 5n1 Combo
Speed Racer 15x15
Spiderman 5n1 Combo
Spiderman Movie 15x15
Sponge Bob Square Pants 15x15 Pink
Spongebob Squarepants 15x15
Sports 5n1 Combo
Sports 15x15
Sports Dome
Stage 4ft X 12ft
Stage 4ft X 4ft
Stage 4ft X 8ft
Stage 8ft X 12ft
Stage 8ft X 8ft
Star Wars 5n1 Combo
Star Wars 15x15
Strawberry Short Cake 15x15 Pink
Strawberry Shortcake 15x15
Sumo Suits W Mat
Super Mario Brothers 5n1 Combo
Super Mario Brothers 15x15 Pink
Super Mario Brothers 15x15
Superheros 15x15
Superheros 5n1 Combo
Superman 5n1 Combo
Superman 15x15
Table 4ft Plastic Resin
Table 6ft Plastic Resin
Table 8 Ft Plastic Resin
Table High Top Plastic Resin
Table Kids Picnic
Table Round 60 Plastic Resin
Table Setup And Breakdown Per Table Fee
Table Fill And Chill Table Black
Tangled 15x15 Pink
Tangled 15x15
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 5n1 Combo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 15x15
Tent Package A 10x20
Tent Package B 20x20
Tent Package C 20x30
Tent Package D 20x40
Tent Package E 20x50
Tent Package F 20x60
Tent Package G 40x40
The Lorax 15x15 Pink
The Rampage Wet Slide
The Wave Blaster Wet Slide
Thomas And Friends 5n1 Combo
Thomas And Friends 15x15 Pink
Thomas And Friends 15x15
Tinkerbell 1 15x15 Pink
Tinkerbell 1 15x15
Tinkerbell 2 15x15 Pink
Toddler 6x12 Bounce House
Toddler 8x8 Bounce House
Toddler Playland Combo (dry)
Tokidoki 15x15 Pink
Tokidoki 15x15
Tonka 5n1 Combo
Tonka 15x15
Toy Story 15x15 Pink
Toy Story 15x15
Toy Story 5n1 Combo
Transformers 15x15
Transformers 1 5n1 Combo
Trash Can 55 Gallon
Tug Of War Rope
Velcro Wall Inflatable
Volley Ball Net And Ball
Wall E 5n1 Combo
Wall E 15x15
Water Hose 100 Foot
Water Hose 50 Foot
Water Wars Balloon Battle
Water Weight Bag Or Sand Bag
Western 5n1 Combo
Western 15x15
Whack A Mole Inflatable Game
White Cushions For Chiavari Chairs
Winnie The Pooh 5n1 Combo
Winnie The Pooh 15x15 Pink
Winnie The Pooh 15x15
Wiped Out Challenge
Wrecking Ball Inflatable Game
Wrestling 5n1 Combo
Wrestling 15x15
Yo Gabba Gabba 15x15 Pink
Yo Gabba Gabba 15x15
Yo Gabba Gabba 5n1 Combo
Zap A Mole Game (digital Interactive)

Ala Moana Party Rentals
Ala Moana Water Slide Rentals
Ewa Beach Party Rentals
Ewa Beach Water Slide Rentals
Hawaii Kai Party Rentals
Hawaii Kai Water Slide Rentals
Honolulu Party Rentals
Honolulu Water Slide Rentals
Kailua Party Rentals
Kailua Water Slide Rentals
Kaneohe Party Rentals
Kaneohe Water Slide Rentals
Kapolei Party Rentals
Kapolei Water Slide Rentals
Mililani Party Rentals
Mililani Water Slide Rentals
Oahu Party Rentals
Oahu Water Slide Rentals
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Waianae Party Rentals
Waianae Water Slide Rentals
Waipahu Party Rentals
Waipahu Water Slide Rentals


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